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Friday Monthly Meetings—the Heart of IONS Tucson. Our local community group meets on the first Friday evening of the month at 6:30pm. Speakers focus on issues important to IONS: complementary healing modalities; research on the physical responses to music, meditation, homeopathy, and water; the exciting field of Consciousness Research; and much more.

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+++August’s Speaker+++


Claude Swanson

With Claude Swanson, Ph.D.

Friday, August 5, 2016 at 6:30 PM
Open to the Public — Admission cost: $5
Unity of Tucson, 3617 N. Camino Blanco
off River between Swan & Craycroft

In recent years scientific evidence has accumulated that consciousness continues after death. In the past this subject was considered a topic for religion and philosophy, but new discoveries have increasingly brought it into the focus of scientific investigation. Evidence for the existence and nature of the Afterlife comes from thousands of cases of “near-death experiences,” as well as direct voice mediumship, instrumental communication (EVP), telepathic mediumship, automatic writing, ‘out of body’ exploration of other realms of consciousness, and other methods which have added greatly to our understanding of the nature of consciousness and its survival of death. These sources have also provided a rich and detailed description of the nature of the Afterlife, of its structure and rules, and of important lessons of life that we can apply while we are still here ‘in the body.’

Along with this rich understanding of the nature of the Afterlife have come advances in science which offer glimpses of how we can understand the soul from a scientific point of view. A new science called “Torsion” was discovered in Russia five decades ago which helps us understand the nature of ‘spirit’ as well as astral bodies, the aura, non-local consciousness and other elusive concepts which defy Western science. As the science of Torsion advances, more and more of the puzzling aspects of ‘consciousness’ and the ‘paranormal’ and the ‘spiritual’ and the ‘psychic’ can be understood as different aspects of this deeper wisdom which unifies science and spirituality. In this talk Dr. Swanson will review some of the evidence for the Afterlife and its nature, and outline how the new science of Torsion brings new and deeper insights into the nature of the soul, of consciousness and of the higher dimensions of the Afterlife.

Dr. Claude Swanson was educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton. Interspersed with a conventional career in applied physics, he has pursued investigations into unconventional physics, investigating the effects of consciousness that do not fit present science. He has proposed the “synchronized universe model” as a way to understand parallel realities, shamanic healing, teleportation, time shifts and other mysteries. His two books summarize these ideas: The Synchronized Universe: New Science of the Paranormal and Life Force: The Scientific Basis.

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+++September’s Speaker+++


May - Yunt FINAL (1)_page1_image1

With Catherine Kenney Yunt

Friday, September 2, 2016 at 6:30 PM
Open to the Public — Admission cost: $5
Unity of Tucson, 3617 N. Camino Blanco
off River between Swan & Craycroft

Is it possible that what you think and feel directly impacts your health? Has your biography become your biology? Recent scientific experiments in quantum physics, cellular biology and energy psychology are revealing that thought and emotions are the bridging mechanisms of the mind/body connection.

Join Intuitive Counselor Catherine Yunt in exploring contributing factors of “dis –ease.” Sharing stories, insights and tools, Catherine inspires you to live a healthier more satisfying life.

Following a biopsy in 1999, Catherine was diagnosed with breast cancer. This event catapulted Catherine into the world of alternative and complementary medicine. She was no stranger to this world having been the editor of the Arizona Networking News, a holistic health publication in the greater Phoenix area. After a second biopsy in 2000 determined the cancer had progressed, Catherine elected to have a mastectomy and fourteen lymph nodes removed. The findings were life changing. There was NO cancer found in the tissue!

In her quest to understand the outcome, Catherine became an Energy Healing Practitioner. Her healing abilities were tested in the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona. The results are featured in the book The Energy Healing Experiments and the documentary Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What. Catherine combines her intuitive abilities with a Master of Counseling Degree from Arizona State University to assist others in identifying and releasing the ISSUES IN THEIR TISSUES, restoring health and well-being.

Trailers for documentaries, television and radio interviews can be found on Catherine’s website www.innerknowing.net.