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Friday Monthly Meetings—the Heart of IONS Tucson. Our local community group meets on the first Friday evening of the month at 6:30pm. Speakers focus on issues important to IONS: complementary healing modalities; research on the physical responses to music, meditation, homeopathy, and water; the exciting field of Consciousness Research; and much more.

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+++August’s First Friday Speaker+++


Claude Swanson

With Claude Swanson PhD

Friday, August 7, 2015 at 6:30 PM
Open to the Public – Suggested Donation $5

Unity of Tucson, 3617 N. Camino Blanco; off River between Swan & Craycroft

Modern science is faced with a variety of anomalies which cannot be explained using existing theories. Some of these include the out of body experience (OBE), the near-death experience (NDE), ESP, Remote Viewing, the human energy field (aura) and scientific studies on remote influencing (PK) and distant healing (qi gong). These phenomena often reveal effects which penetrate barriers, do not weaken with distance and can be exerted across time unlike any known physical force. They suggest that something is missing in our present scientific understanding. In terms of healing, this mysterious energy has been called “chi” or subtle energy.

A new theory is presented regarding the nature of this energy. Remarkably, it also appears to explain another important anomaly of modern physics, the nature of “dark matter” and “dark energy.” The success of this new theory in resolving all of these anomalies suggests that it may offer an important missing piece in a new science of consciousness.

Dr. Claude Swanson was educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University. During those years he worked at the MIT Science Teaching Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory and a Virginia cyclotron in the summer. At Princeton he received the National Science Foundation Fellowship and Putnam Fellowship. His Ph.D. thesis at Princeton was done in the “Gravity Group,” which focuses on experimental cosmology and astronomy, and was headed by Dr. Robert Dicke. His thesis advisor was Prof. David Wilkinson, after whom the WMAT satellite is named.
Swanson conducted postgraduate work at Princeton and Cornell Universities on the design of superconducting plasma containment vessels for fusion energy systems. He then began work for Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton, a consulting company, and later formed his own consulting company which carried out studies in applied physics for commercial and governmental agencies.
For the last fifteen years, interspersed with his conventional professional career in applied physics, Dr. Swanson has pursued investigations into “unconventional physics.” His principal interest has been unified field theory, the so-called “Theory of Everything” which could explain the universe at the deepest possible level. This has led him to investigate many aspects of the paranormal, which appear to be completely real phenomena which violate our present science. Paranormal phenomena, which have now been proven in the laboratory in many cases, offer a window into the deeper universe, the mysteries of consciousness, and unlock new forces and principles which conventional science has only begun to glimpse.
Among paranormal phenomena which have been observed in the laboratory, and yet which violate present science, are included ESP, psychokinesis (PK), the out of body experience (OBE), Remote Viewing and long distance energy healing. There are also many laboratory experiments showing that Chinese Qi Gong (chee gong) masters can affect radioactive decay, laser light bending and materials properties in the laboratory in ways which utterly defy current physics. These are just a few of the phenomena which indicate that present science is about to undergo a revolution as these new energies of consciousness and the “life force” are included.
Dr. Swanson has conducted extensive research in these areas, including research of the scientific literature, interviews with scientists in these fields, training in remote viewing and energy healing, investigations into “high strangeness” areas such as sacred sites and haunted houses, and investigations into new technology to measure these unusual energies. In order to better understand these phenomena and begin to build a foundation for this new emerging physics, Dr. Swanson has written two books, The Synchronized Universe: New Science of the Paranormal and Life Force: The Scientific Basis.

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+++September’s First Friday Speaker+++


V Shamas

With Victor Shamas PhD

Friday, September 4, 2015 at 6:30 PM
Open to the Public – Suggested Donation $5

Unity of Tucson, 3617 N. Camino Blanco; off River between Swan & Craycroft

Self-transcendence is the experience of moving beyond one’s sense of separateness and identifying with something greater, or as part of a unified whole. Dr. Shamas will show data linking self-transcendence to psychological well-being, and will present a revolutionary new technique, called Repose, for improving health and well-being through the induction of self-transcendence. He will also reveal his startling discoveries about the transcendent nature of consciousness—inspired by nearly two years of daily Repose practice. Dr. Shamas will explain why fractal images like the Mandelbrot set may be the most important and ground-breaking symbols of self-transcendence ever discovered.

Dr. Victor Shamas is a health psychologist at the University of Arizona. He is the co-founder of Global Chant, Research Director of PlayHaven Inc., and the author of three books: The Chanter’s Guide, The Way of Play, and the Amazon bestseller, Repose: The Potent Pause, co-authored with Jhan Kold.

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